There are currently around 150 Swedish or Swedish-linked companies in 香港. Some are big and some small and they are active in a variety of business sectors. Many of them have been present in 香港 for many years and contributed greatly to the city’s development.

The companies are just like last year’s survey struggling with the impacts of the pandemic and related restrictions, 比如航班限制或取消, 封闭的边界, 以及强制检测和隔离. 62 per cent of the companies use 香港 as a APAC hub and thus being able to pursue international travels is crucial and have been main challenge during the pandemic. 也, the high cost of rent and property and the ongoing political changes in the city affect the business climate in 香港.

The view of the government’s handling of the pandemic is significantly more negative in this year’s survey compared to last year’s. 74 per cent of the responding companies consider the government response inadequate.

此外, half of the responding companies consider political developments in the city to have a continued negative impact on the business climate. Top concerns are worries about 香港’s future status as an international business center, the impact on freedom of speech in the city and on the independence of 香港’s judicial system.

There are nevertheless important advantages in doing business in 香港. The taxation system remains an advantage and the market’s function as a gateway to the mainland is also viewed as important. 除了, 香港 is still perceived as a highly competitive business environment compared to other international cities. 然而, uncertainties regarding the government’s handling of the pandemic as well as 香港’s changing political landscape - in particular the implications of the National Security Law - make some companies consider relocation.

Please download the report to fully overview the results and get a detailed analysis. 


The Business Climate Survey is a study authored by 团队PG电子官方免费下载 for Swedish companies to understand the opportunities and challenges that they face when doing business in 香港.

今年, the survey was sent out to 134 local executives representing Swedish companies in 香港, 其中73个提供了答案. 这些答案是在2022年3月至4月期间收集的.